About us

We are a consulting/Telecom-Solution Provisions Company that offers practical solutions ranging from Networking and server Administration to programming, Web solutions and satellite communication with credible proofs all around the country for over couple of years now.

Thelma Togba Ajalie

Group Administrator

Jolyne Jelimo

East Africa Administrator

Akinfenwa Abiodun Temidayo

Head Media Services

Carolyne Mbulwa

Web Administrator

Our Services

Our Services include but are not limited to;

  • VSAT deployment(C Band, KA and KU Band).
  • Wireless Internet Service Provider-WISP/ Internet service distribution via Radio (ISP Deployment).
  • Web Design / Administration (Macromedia Dream Weaver MX, Php /My SQL).
  • Linux Server Deployment & Fibre Optics Solutions.
  • VOIP & SMS Solutions (SMS to TV).
  • Specialized Corporate Training (Oracle 10g, Cisco, CAD e.t.c).
  • Hardware Support / Networking / Structured Cabling.
  • Installation of CCTV/ Surveillance Solutions & Bullet Proof Doors.
  • Software Development (Automation/billing Suite for Hospitals, Hotels e.t.c).
  • Prepaid calling card Infrastructure Setup.
  • Architecture / CAD Drawing.
  • TSS(Technical Site Survey) of 2G / 3G/LTE and microwave radio tx sites
  • Site Survey Report and Auditing
  • Installation and Commissioning of RBS/BTS for Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei,Zte.
  • Installation of any type of Microwave radio transmission equipment PDH/SDH Nokia-Siemens,Ceragon,Ericsson, Alcatel,Aviat, Nera etc
  • Installation of long-haul high capacity Microwave radios like NSN SRT1f,Marconi long-haul etc.
  • Installation of Microwave radio dishes from 0.3 to 3 m diameter dishes GSM (900 / 1800 MHZ) and
  • UMTS commissioning of RBS Ericsson series 2000/6000.
  • Commissioning of radio PDH/SDH Ericsson bundles, Alcatel,Aviat Swap projects.
  • RBS/BTS Sweep Test (measuring VSWR) of the feeders.
  • Network optimization and drive testing.
  • Fiber-optics implementation,Turnkey and Civil works projects.
  • Fiber-optics maintenance Projects
  • Fiber optics planning,Designing,Auto-card and TSS.
  • FTTH projects
  • DWDM/OSN planning and Design Projects
  • Microwave radio transmission planning projects.
  • Fiber Optics Training
  • Information Systems and Communications Management & Maintenance.

Our Clients

With special attention to Information Technology Deployment services in the past years, our Organization has successfully managed and run large establishments in which we have been active actors in the sustenance of huge co-operations ranging from financial managers IT base in the Investment world to Many Thriving Cyber cafes in the country. Our staffs have designed web databases, conducted trainings and worked with several institutions/Organizations:

  • Liberia Telecommunications Corporation – Libtelco (Fiber Optics Association- Fiber Optics Specialist Training- CFOT, CFOS/D & CFOS/O)
  • Ministry of Finance – IFMIS (Fiber Optics Association- Fiber Optics Specialist Training- CFOT, CFOS/D & CFOS/O)
  • World Bank Liberia – Fiber Awareness Seminar.
  • Ministry of Education (MOE)- Mikrotik Hotspot Deployment & Training
  • FHi360 – Mikrotik Training
  • Star Gate Technologies – Mikrotik Training
  • Booker Washington Institute – School Online Database System
  • Land Conflict Resolution Program (USAID-funded) – Land Commission Web Database on Case Management
  • School Management System for Ada School, greater Accra, Accra, Ghana
  • Donor Software for World Bible Society, Accra, Ghana

We are equipped with professional and experienced technocrats in Information and Communication Technology who have many years of active working experience in ICT both in and out of Liberia.



Reocomm Group brings Telecommunications and ICT Specialised Trainings to Africa beyond limits.

Advantages of Our training:

  • Quality - We create presentations of extremely high quality
  • Explanations – Complicated technical topics explained simply
  • Real World Examples – We show and demonstrate various scenarios in our training
  • Instructors – Our Instructors are all certified and qualified with real-world experience
  • Value – Our Training is the Most Value for Your Investment
  • Curriculum – Our Training is original and developed by highly qualified engineers and instructors.
  • Clients – We have a large list of satisfied Students and clients from all over the world
  • Confidence – We provide a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on our products
  • Real World Equipment – Practice, practice, practice on real world equipment
  • Complete learning packages – Learn, Practice, Test and ImplementAfter successful training’s we believe our participants would have the necessary experience tailored towards implementation of various technologies to solve the dynamic needs of emerging markets and thereby placing them unique positions to be relevant in several industries.

Training began 2016, 1st Quarter of in categories below;

Fiber Optics Certifications and Hands On – FOA Approved Courses with FOA approved trainers

Fiber-optics training to Implement, plan and cable splice with live fusion Splicers and optical devices.

  • CFOT (Certified Fiber Optics Technician)
  • CPCT (Certified Premise Cabling Technician)
  • CFOS/O (Certified Fiber Outside Plant Technician)
  • CFOS/D (Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Optical Network Design)
  • CFOS/H (Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in the Fiber To The Home-FTTH)
  • CFOS/T (Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Optical Network Testing)
  • CFOS/S (Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Optical Network Splicing)

Wireless Solutions – Ubiquiti Airmax Certification (UACA) – Ubiquiti airMAX Certified AdminAt the End of this Course you would;

  • Deploy Wireless Point to Point Bridges Using Ubiquiti Rocket M5, Nano M5, Power Bridge M5 on 5Ghz and Ubiquity Rocket M2 on 2.4 Ghz.
  • Deploy Wireless Point to Point Solutions using Ubiquiti on 2.4ghz (Power Station 2) for AP Bridge and Station.
  • Deploy Wireless Point to Multi Point Solutions using Ubiquity on 2.4ghz (Unify, Power Station 2 and M2 with Sector Antenna for AP and Client).

The Ubiquiti airMAX Certified (UAC) course is the first course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This hands-on course provides both the background of foundational knowledge and the hands-on experience of building out a wireless communications system using Ubiquiti equipment.

  1. RF Fundamentals
  2. Spectrum Analysis
  3. Installation Best Practices

Mikrotik Certifications – MTCNA, MTCWE, MTCRE, MTCTCE, MTCUME, MTCINE, MCT.f. MTCINE (Mikrotik Certified Inter-networking Engineer) – http://www.mikrotik.com/pdf/MTCINE_Outline.pdf g. MCT (Mikrotik Certified Trainer)

MTCNA is Mikrotik certified 4 days RouterOS base training. Course Objective is to cover RouterOS core functions and features within wired and wireless networks. Successful MTCNA certification will act as prerequisite for engineer level training programs like MTCRE, MTCTCE, MTCWE, MTCUME, MTCINE.

MTCRE is focused on advanced MikroTik Routing and VPN capabilities. Major part of training will be practical exercises including real life connection setups to datacenter in Riga, Latvia.Successful MTCRE certification will act as prerequisite for further MTCINE certification program.

MTCTCE is Mikrotik certified 3 days RouterOS base training. Course Objective is to cover RouterOS QOS functions like Queue Tree, Mangle, etc.In this course we learn how we can manage our client traffic in large size networks.

MTCUME is focused on the most advanced MikroTik user management configuration like advanced hotspot configuration, IPSec, PPPOE, PPTP and etc. in this course also we learn about PPP bridging and radius configuration.

MTCWE is focused on most advanced MikroTik wireless techniques and protocols like HWMP+, NStream, NV2, Mesh, etc. in this course we learn how we can make our WISP better and more secure with MikroTik advanced wireless security features.

Telecoms training- Transmission/RF planning,Installations,Implementation,Commissioning

  • Design of Microwave Radio Tx,Fiber-Optics Tx,2G BTS,
  • DWDM/Optical Switch Nodes
  • CDMA/GSM Engineering with live Microwave radios IDUs/ODUs,Live BTS 2G

Microwave radio installation, planning and commissioning with live microwave radios (TDM/IP Ethernet/Hybrid),MW transmission Planning/Design with Pathloss 4.0.

MICROWAVE RADIO ENGINEERING-Introduction to Digital Microwave Equipment-Microwave Propagation Theory-Digital Microwave Engineering Calculation-Microwave Engineering Design BTS installation, configuration and commissioning with live BTS equipments.DWDM/OSN with live Optical Multiplexers.


MTCisco training from CCNA, CCNP to CCIE.

CCNA/CCNP with live routers, Switches, Pix firewalls etc. New Programs just added: CCNA voice & CCNA Security.

Our Cisco lab can be able to do the following:

  • BGP Filtering Updates
  • OSPFv3 external path selection and Forward Address
  • OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 comparison
  • Redistributing a Subset of Routes Using a Route Map
  • OSPF over Frame-Relay and redistribution between two OSPF Processes-ID
  • Advanced Zone-Based Firewall
  • Configuring BGP Using Loopback Addresses Lab
  • Deploying the Zone-Based Firewall
  • Configuring Basic BGP
  • Redistribution between two AS EIGRP
  • Using Route Tag Filtering Routing Updates Lab
  • Redistribution between OSPF and BGP
  • Redistribution between two EIGRP autonomous systems.



  • Configuring VPN (SSL) Protocols.
  • Configuring Firewalls/DOS & NAT (Outbound/Inbound).
  • Configuring User Authentication, Group & User Management.
  • Deploying Anti Spam Rules and Policies.
  • Deploying Content Filters & Custom Denied Messages.
  • Deploying Gateway, Web, FTP & Mail Anti-Virus/ Anti Spam (Policies/Rules).
  • Deploying IPS (Intrusion Prevent System) – Signatures/Policies.
  • Deploying Active-Active Load balancing & Gateway Failover.
  • Deploying Active-Passive Gateway Failover
  • Routing (Static, Source/Policy Based, Dynamic & Multi cast).
  • DNS, Logging, Report Management
  • Cyberoam Upgrade, Backup & Restore/ Troubleshooting.
  • VOIP training based on Asterisk and Elastix.

    The VOIP course is designed to prepare Linux/Unix consultants, interconnect vendors, enterprise IT personnel , and ITSP/telco systems administrators to configure, manage and troubleshoot Asterisk-based VoIP systems.

    • Asterisk dialplan syntax and constructs
    • Call monitoring and recording
    • Digital telephony using T1s and E1s
    • Connecting Asterisk to a VoIP provider
    • Call queues and ACD with Asterisk
    • Using AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) to control Asterisk from an external program
    • Connecting Asterisk to a relational database such as MySQL
    • Troubleshooting your Asterisk system
    • Asterisk and Linux Security to maintain a secure system.

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